Portfolio management.

Last year we started up our portfolio management processes within ZHJD. Goals of this program is to get more insights of all ins- and outs of a product group and make decisions in order to: Ask questions like do we have the right products for the right customers and can we refresh the assortment based on customer needs. The analyses that were performed should result in:
An efficient and financially healthy portfolio
- Insights in USP’s
- Insights in ABCD-classification
- Insights using the Margin/Volume matrix (function)

Utilize market opportunities with competitive force, based on:
- Technological development
- Market trends
- Product trends
- Competition
- Price/performance ratio

We applied this approach on the cake assortment. The result was a portfolio with clear USP’s, where similar products were removed, where uniform range names were applied and where usable insights on competitor products were shared with sales.

Quality improvement in cake

This executed analysis had a strong focus on Dutch cake types. We know that local preferences will be different throughout the world. Whether it will be on colour, structure, sweetness or taste. We have the capabilities to adjust all that. But maybe more importantly we can help solving issues when it comes to more general themes like extending shelf life (cake freshness) and improving cake quality in general (volume, texture, crumb). We have years of experience with using enzyme technology that we can apply in this field, but in many cases, a ‘tailor made approach’ is needed, because of:

- The ratio of ingredients in the recipe

- The type of flour

- The water activity of the batter

- Other freshness improvers in the recipe

- The used process



Cake for industry.

The trend of concentrating cake mixes is picking up, specially for industrial customers. We already do that successfully in different markets and we are even offering now concentrated cake mixes up to 7%. Zeelandia’s strength in this matter that we can inventively combine our knowledge and experience in cake with the existing production process and used ingredients of the client

Vero Boerencake Citrus.jpg

EBO_220330-298 6x3.jpg

Picking up on trends.

We can safely say that trends like vegan, gluten free and sugar free are here to stay. Zeelandia can provide cake answers to these trends with product like V-GO Cake mix, Zero Problem Season Cake and Delight Cake. The strongpoint of each of these products is that they can do more than just cake. It is beneficial for the baker that with these mixes a lot of different applications can be made, what makes these products more accessible and sensible.

Contact Edwin van Ingen if you want to deep dive in one of these topics.

We are willing to help!

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