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Zeelandia heeft een document opgesteld over koolhydraten en suikers in brood.

Brood is een bron van koolhydraten. Maar wat zijn koolhydraten precies? En betekent dit dat brood ook suiker bevat? De termen koolhydraten en suiker worden vaak door elkaar gebruikt, maar hebben niet dezelfde betekenis. Alle suikers zijn koolhydraten, maar niet alle koolhydraten zijn suikers.
Als je dit interessant vindt, vul dan onderstaande gegevens in zodat je het document kunt downloaden.

In October 2003 the Regulations (1829/2003/EC and 1830/2003/EC ) on genetical modified food and feed have been published. The Zeelandia GMO policy and consequently the format of product information on genetical modification is conform this Regulation. 

It is Zeelandia’s policy to only use ingredients from non-gm origin, i.e. the use of Zeelandia products will not result in gm labelling according to Regulation 1830/2003/EC. To avoid confusion with “gmo-free” the term “non-gmo” in connection with products is no longer used and replaced by “conventional”: as regards genetical modification Zeelandia products are conventional products. The policy is implemented by analysing the risk of possible presence of gm-material and the appropriate measures linked to the risk.  The analysis is based on a list of ingredient sources for which cultivation or use of genetically modified species have been authorised. For carriers for additives and flavourings and processing aids which are excluded from (gm) ingredient labelling strong preference is given to non-gm origin.

All suppliers to Zeelandia are advised that they must only supply conventional ingredients. They are  obliged to complete a questionnaire on the origin of ingredients from possible gm sources. Evidence must be given that these ingredients are of non-gm origin through information on the biological variety, the geographical origin, or details on the traceability. For traceability an IP-system is the preferred option. The ingredient supplier must be able to demonstrate that traces of a gmo below the threshold of 0.9 % are adventitious or technically unavoidable. Suppliers are also advised that under the new Regulation information on the presence of gm ingredients must be transmitted to the next operator in the chain and that without this information ingredients are deemed to be conventional.

Standard information of Zeelandia products includes a paragraph with details on the conventional status of ingredients from possible gm sources.

Zierikzee, 14 July 2014


Dr. Ir. M.V. Bruschke, R & D Director


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