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Vegan pastry.

The world is changing!
Our way of life, our behaviour and our attitude towards food are changing. Veganism is the next step towards a more sustainable life, by avoiding not just meat and fish (vegetarianism) but also all other animal products (veganism). It’s not just vegans who are enjoying vegan food: more and more people adhere to a flexitarian diet.

Let's V-GO!

The bakery industry
Vegan products became part of the food industry some time ago and have recently become available in bakeries
According to research by Innova Market Insights, more and more vegan, vegetarian and plant-based products are being introduced in bakeries in the Netherlands.

What does Zeelandia offer?
Zeelandia’s V-GO! brand offers a range of plant-based products, which are both vegan and delicious! There is no need to compromise on ethics or flavour. Our vegan ingredients help you create great products. Flavoursome, fair and fully vegan.


Recipes galore
Zeelandia’s vegan range keeps growing. Visit Zeelandia-international.com/v-go to explore our vegan products and be inspired by our amazing vegan recipes. Ask your Zeelandia account manager about our vegan product range.